Vie à La France 🇫🇷 Book 2 /Cristina & Her New French Relationship The Young Teenage Girl Read Count : 204

Category : Adult

Sub Category : Adult Romance
Cristina & her new French relationship The young teenage girl ( Monica Bianca) said to Cristina
please sit down & join for a few drinks & Cristina replied why not don’t mind if I do said Cristina
not a tall replied Bianca then Bianca smoke & Cristina replied yes smoke, then Cristina ask
young teenage girl what is your name? & the young teenage girl replied to Cristina question &
answered my Monica & Cristina said what a wonderful name you have Monica said Cristina
reaping Monica thank you what is your name Monica said to Cristina, My is name Cristina,,,,
nice to meet you Cristina said to Monica same to you so Monica. So Monica tell me what you
are doing here a alone? I am Searching for a lesbian relationship with other girl, Oh Fuck
answered Cristina, are you all right shouted I am Wonderful answered Cristina to Monica then
Monica said to Cristina hey Cristina would like to be in a lesbian relationship with me said
Monica smiling at Christina with happiness So Cristina Answered give me time to think about
are little conversation if that all right said Cristina five minutes later Monica said that Great
Cristina think it over & when have maid your mind up come & find me said Monica,,,, five
minutes later Cristina said to Monica before leaving for her Apartment how will I find you
answered Cristina by explaining to her that in the small town of (Santa Fé anglé ) were houses
& next to were apartments,, Fantastic answered Cristina oh what is your apartment (Letter or
Number) Monica answered Cristina its apartment 5c at the top of the stairs to right now I must
go now (Shouting I Love Cristina ) quickly reaping ( I Love You Too ) that Monica was on her
way home from the Restaurant. Cristina was left to walk to back the hotel & she arrived at hotel
later when Cristina walk into the lobby area the other girls had gone to bed because it was later
& Tomorrow was their last day in France (Paris) before leaving for Home England (London) so
Cristina quickly packing her suitcase for the trip home but Cristina saw Monica at hotel before
Cristina left for England (London) but Cristina want to stay in Paris & get know more information
about Monica,Monica promised to write love letters to Cristina & Cristina promised the same to
Monica. In the morning at 11:00 am Tracy her divine friends started their long trip back to
England when arriving back in England the next morning they all began work again but for
Cristina her life had changed the That moment eyes on young Monica in France. ((End of
Chapter Second ))


  • Mar 04, 2023

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