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You telling me to let God lead
But yet you won't take heed
My urgency is I've been in need
I've been starving while you sat on greed

I was never enough
Everyday I was rejected
That's something you won't discuss 
Just know that I'm protected

In the vine I stay connected
God never let me fell
My past you stay reflecting
Like you really got a story to tell

If I done it I did it
I've never covered nothing up
You really can't tell shit
Cause I've  never been stuck

You can't blackmail me
I tell the truth to shame the devil
I got You living in misery
My name you'll remember forever

An original design
I got better with time
I got You going out your mind
I'm not diming my light to let you shine

I learned to live
To fight another day
Life's lessons are real 
I will stay out the way.


  • nice

    Jan 21, 2023

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