The Future Newspaper Company In United Kingdom (Newspaper One) Read Count : 159

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Her name is Rose. She works as a secretary in a big Company in England.

She is also a professional dominatrix. She is not a prostitute and never was. Only once she
was force to do something like that. She had to seduce a business man and make love to
him for getting something more for the Company. She was ordered to act like a Mistress and
She did perfectly. It’s how she started to dominate men. She is aware that she can do all.
She likes green-black and brown outfit, minus black skirt and green blouse. She very rarely
puts pantyhose on. She likes that she can exposure her cunt whenever she likes. Many
times she has been fucked just in this outfit.
Her hair is irresistibly beautiful. It is dark brown, very long and shinning. Her eyes are blue.
Three times a week she gives sessions.
She has a maid helping her for some medical session. She studied medicine for two years
but later she graduated law, but works as a secretary of Mr. John, the president of the
Mr. John has a look of a slender man. He is tall, with brown hair and dark brown eyes.
He is also a client of Rose. She likes to dominate him. He is a boss who is dominated by her
secretary very often.Rose and her nurse assistant Anastasia are very close to castrate him.
They know very well that he likes the medical fetish and they has taken advantage on him
many time.
Rose wants to castrate him since their first mutual session that took place about two years
Now he has come to this last session for his manhood. He is not aware that it is going to
happen this time for real.
-“Hello, dear Mistress Rose. Hi Anastasia.”
-“Hello, dear John, Mr. John but still my dear subservient slave, isn’t it!?”, said She.
He has come with a lot of Castration Fetish fantasies. The secretary Rose is aware of his
Fetish. She has been waiting this session for two years. Now he has come to get castrated
but he does not know yet. He thinks it will be only a play. Rose is very happy now. She has
put on her best outfit described before.
-“Dear Rose, where are you going now?
She has opened her beautiful eyes looking at him…….. “Mm, maybe I need a subservient to
fuck me? Do you want to fuck me?
-“Yes, Mistress!”


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