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If you have a collection or memorabilia you might want to display it at home. Here are some tips to display military collection:

Deciding on a location
Choosing a location to hang these displays is the first step. Your home's layout will determine whether you have a limited number of options or can choose from several walls. Take stock of any spaces in your house where you might hang these remembrances.

By using a wall in a visible location, like an entranceway, where visitors are likely to see it right away, you can demonstrate your pride in your collection. To prevent something from being knocked off the wall by a passerby, avoid placing something along confined hallways.

Make an effort to make sure there is space to stand back and observe your entire arrangement as well as space close by to examine individual items in more detail.

Avoid hanging anything in direct sun because colors may deteriorate over time unless you want to spend more money on UV-protective glass for your picture frames and display cases. Despite its price, this is a worthwhile overall investment. Sun damage, however, cannot be repaired, so until you can provide protection, be sure to store your priceless relics like Nazi helmet in a suitable location.

Medal case for display
Consider the number of medals that will be displayed inside when selecting a display case. In addition to working well in display cases, patches, badges, and insignia can also be displayed in shadowboxes, which come in a range of depths to accommodate items of various sizes.

There must be restrictions on what can actually come home and be put on display, though, if you want to try to make room for whatever arises. There's no need for every military item to move into your home, just as you wouldn't buy every pair of adorable shoes you saw. For instance, having three ww2 German helmet or knives instead of two is excessive. However, the other two will need to be relocated to proper storage.

If they are family heirlooms you should display them as they might be your first ever memorabilia. 

Not every one is able to display their collection as everyone does not have the same space, so if you are unable to put your collection on display, you must keep it in proper storage. Do not stuff it into boxes and pile them up carelessly. 


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