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Every time I try to do what I know is right I fall on my face as though I have no legs then I become a mouse on a sticky trap in the center of the crowd seeing the pity in there faces as they watch me struggle to get free not one thinks to end my misery no no they rather watch and speak as though they are saddened by my attempts how do I commit suicide when I'm stuck on this trap I can't and not a single pity filled face has the balls to kill me some laugh as I struggle all that's left is for me to laugh too for its cowered thing to kill myself even if I'm a mouse on sticky trap each new day I hold on for is another reminder I don't have what it takes to erase make things better for those who deserve it my only real reason to breathe yet it's like I have no legs and keep falling on my face someone put me out of this trap stop watching me struggle getting deeper intangibles free me I beg of anyone


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