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Where Wolfs Just!

Eye Me,

As I Stare at the 

Light of Half Moon.

Pacing Side to Side

Heads and Tails Up High,

Lunge-ing But not 

Ma-king A-ny Big Moves.

Their Ears Move To And 

A-way Mile Wide Stares,

Eye to Eye with Me

Just Wai-ting for Bells.

To Ring The Tune For 

Me to Run with Pack,

Or For the Pack to 

Run a-fter Me Too.


Encircled with-in 

This Den of Li-ons, 

I a-void A-ll 

Car-nal Tempt-ation.

In Question of 

Be-ing Bitt-en,

Tho Half Con-cealed 

In Time w-ill be Reveal.

It’s Saliva the 

Full Moon call-s,

In a Pain-ful 


As a Tu-ning 

Fork Struck!

Vi-brates in Me The 

Book of Revelations.


2 will Walk as 

1 Change The 

0-ther Will Be,


I am Center Stage,

Watched and contained.

Wait till the Fat Lady Sing!

And the Audience is Mad.

This develop-ing Song 

Un-sung as Their Mood 

Increases while Half Moon,

Diminish-es in Shade.

Like opening a Bird Cage,

When the Curtains Came.

Now Full moon and I

Remain Man Made!


Lost  We-re-Wolf Just 

Eye-s Me As I 

Stare in-side The 

Light of A Fu-ll 


Inhaling inside Deep

As if Catch-ing the 

Last Scent of A 

Gone Per-fume.

Darkness Sur-rounds 

Me as an In-creasing 

Bell Ring cause Drooling 

Ton-gue swing-s,

On Outer Shapes 

Of My Ca-nines,

Sug-gest that 

I Ma-y Be Food!


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