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Wake Sounds heard,
Look-ing thru Eyes Clo-sed.
Stiff Like when,
Try-ing on New Clo-thes.

Fin-gers Froze,
With an Eer-ie 
Fee-ling Been
In This Place Be-fore.

This is Cra-zy.
How am I 
Pushing up Dai-sies,
In The Sno-w?

Dull Thud mounds Fall
With re-peat-ed Blows.
Scat-ter-ing  Sounds,
Vibrate these Old Bones.

With  Sli-vers Of 
Shoveled in Rose
Peb-bles known for 
Their Grave Bou-quet,

Of Cas-ca-ding 
Fall-ing Souls.
Petals to Soothe,
Deceased Below.


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