The Fighter Within🥀 Read Count : 64

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When I'm on the clock
Ohh I got time
Stop trying 2 make me What I'm not
I'm doing just fine

You can't put me in a class
Nor a category 
I was built to last
Bit if you only knew my story.

Not a lie told by a hater
Trying to box me in
They love me now but say fuck her later
When I didn't give in

So if I seem salty
Just know I wasn't raised this way
I had to keep these bihhs off me
Fighting every other day

At times I was so tired
I wanted to give up
I wanted to run & hide
Cause I had enough

But it's a fighter within me
That is relentless as hell
Being passive I could never be
And that's why I won't fail


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