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How do you know you love someone?  
 My answer is “you just know”. It’s simple and it may sound cliché but the truth is you are going to know when you’ve found someone you love.  
You’re sure, you’re certain and when you close your room doors and get on your bed to go to sleep, your heart spells out their name. You want to call them during work hours to tell them a dad joke because you know they’re the only ones who will get it. When you close your eyes and try to picture a forever(be it perfect or slightly dysfunctional)they are the ones you see and you’re okay and content with it. 
Just like Paul in the Bible, you want to give them a kind love, a love that’s selfless, a brother’s keeper type of love, a love that’s patient, a love that does not envy and most importantly a love that’s going to bear, believe and endures all things. Most particularly, a love that has faith.  
And whenever you close your eyes and don’t see that, you’re scared of not being happy for the rest of your life. You’re scared that even though you’re going to get loved by somebody else, it’s not the one you’ve dreamt of your whole life. 


  • Mar 17, 2023

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