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I need to make this right. I'm sitting here so blocked, thinking to hard, paper and pen at my hand but to stuck in my head to actually bring it out to light.                                 Pick up that pen, time to let them know all those words you hide, pickup that pen stop being ashamed and let it all out, pick up that pen write your pain, stop sitting there doing what you think is right.                                                   It's time to release all the pain you hide inside, pick up that pen, stop blocking yourself from freeing all your words let them finally flow, follow your heart and speak your mind allow yourself to finally be free of all those hidden words that need to be said.                      Pick up that pen and write,it's time to let all those words out...           Pick up that pen you no longer have to stay shut, write all  the words that torment your mind, time to let them know how painful your words are, time to be free of never writing the truth out of fear of  what they will say. Pickup that pen and write all the hidden thoughts in your mind let them know how much it hurts.... Tbc. Any advice on this is welcomed. Please and thank you.


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