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(Ashley) She woke up that morning unusually alone knowing full well that this may be her last day of freedom for a while so some breakfast and then nerveosly dressed. Accused of murdering her girlfriend and not knowing what was going to happen , even though she knew she had not done what everyone said she had.

Driven to court under a police escort she was getting worse and worse, at the court she collapsed twice before entering, eventually she was in front of the judge and  mob that had been against her from the start, her onl hope now was the jury. As the jury came back she stood in front of the judge as he read out what the jury had written down” guilty on all charges” and for that you will serve 20 years in prison, on hearing this she collapsed and had to be carried out.

She came round in prison van with eleven other women all going to the same prison, eventually arriving they were all shuffled into a room and told to strip, she wasn’t the only one who didn’t really want to until a whip cracked across her ass and a warder shouting at her, she stripped down to bra and panties watching the others do the same until a voice shouted naked ladies naked, she took them off and covered herself as much as possible until from along the line a warder told her to spread her legs and put her hands on her knees, after making sure that all of them were not trying to smuggle things into the prison they were marched off to another room which didn’t look inviting at all.

One at a time they were al taken into a private room and came back with a tattoo of there prison number, that way they could not forget it, for the first moth they were kept naked and then given the usual orange one piece baggy cat suit, that baggy that it didn’t matter who you were or what you had done everybody had there tits on show, after deciding that if this was to be her life for  twenty years she might as well get used to it but she vowed not to do anything stupid, not knowing the prison rules as one day she tried to step out of the way of trouble, she seemed to be apolagising to everybody until the guards came  grabbed her and the woman who started it, bothe were taken to a room and told to strip, the month of being naked got her used to it as they both stripped, another (Guard Estrella)  came in and asked who started the trouble, the other woman looking as though it wasn’t her fault she spoke up and said I’m sorry but it was my fault I was nt looking where I was going,, the guard looked at her as did her aggressor and asked are you sure about that and you want to keep it that way, yes and nodded, well as its your first offence in here I think  twenty will do as they strapped her so she couldn’t move and as a whip cracked her assand someone said one she knew what the othe nineteen were going to be. 2 years later in a French Prison south west of (Paris) Ashley for the first time meets her cell mates who were (Scott & Sidney ) both French Lesbian who in there in prison has also serving there time in Prison Crimes, Federal offenses Etc. but one dark cold night in January there got caught by a (Mistress J) mother of five kids who set up for helping her best friend Mari. Every time something went wrong between the four of them she always gat the blame , if it was just an argument between them and the lights had gone out they would pounce on her and fuck her nearly to death, if it was outside there cell she would still get the blame and each time the guards would take her away strip her , tie her in different ways depending on which part of the body they decided to whip and nearly take her skin off, after her punishment she was taken to the doctor  ( who was becoming increasingly concerned ) who upon her arrival this time put her straight on a bed faced don as her ass was bleeding from the lashes that had been administered. gently cleaning her wounds for about three days she gave her some tablets for the pain and told her not to show  anyone.

after three days the guards fetched her and took her back to her own cell where the others seemed grateful to her. while she was in the hospital wing the others had hatched a plan of escape and had no intention of taking her with them. while in pain one night and thinking no one was watching she took one of the tablets as a hand grabbed her wrist and a voice saying “well well what are these , get them off the pretty doctor did you” while arguing whose they were a guard past by and stood outside looking and listening to what they have to say, then as the guard hit the steel railed door with her baton, they stopped turned and looked thinking what now as she was pointed to and the words that came out of her supposed friends mouth ” she has drugs boss” she knew there and then no more real friends ship just play at being friends, once again she was taken to a room naked and she was ready for another whipping , but when they opened the door the doctor was stood there naked and for a second all she could think of was you really do have a good body, until the guard shouted at her right in her face “well how did you get the drugs” the doctor looked terrified until she opened her mouth and said I took them last time I was in the infirmary.

This time it was her tits  stomach and pussy that were whipped and once again taken to the inferminary, but this time the doctor couldn’t leave it alone and on her time off went to see her soliceter/ lawyer , she had to get her out. her other three cell mates had by the looks of thing made good there escape and were out and on the run, with most of the federal agencies looking for them all over Countryside (Paris France).


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