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They say , "I've seen you stand tall
Through the worst of life's shit"
But I'm so fucking tired
I'd give my all to just sit... 
The whole world admires
The strength of my soul
They don't see I'm exhausted
Holding its weight all alone.. 
What I'd give to release it
And set my soul free
But there's no one to take it
There's only just me.. 
So the next time you see me
In some nightmarish place
Don't envy my strength.. 
At times it's a bitch
To be a lone soldier 
Holding onto all this brave
Until the day that it lands me
In a too-early grave ...
So when I'm gone
Please put on my headstone
"here lies one woman
With a the world's strength."


  • May 21, 2023

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