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Guys i been robbed.
Within a blink of a eye.
Been trying for 5 years to learn how to take it all in .
The thoughts of u.
The sound of your voice.
That vibe i feel when u r in my zone.
I been robbed .
The laughter we shared gone.
The late night watching tv or just chilling 
The place to go when no doors would open
A simple hey how are u just checking on u and a truth to the words I LOVE U! 
 I could not take it i cried like a baby .
I turned to drink and drugs .
I got lost in heartbreak and loneliness
I blamed god shite. I blamed u.
Not seeing all u and i went thur.
The preparation u was teaching. Me for the life ahead with u or with out u . 
That s how much u loved leeann
Yet i feel robbed i been violated my ❤ is riped from my chest with my eyes wide open. No laws can be call no gun can be loaded nothing can be said or done tears roll and i cry out. I been robbed no why god .............broken heartedpt2


  • May 21, 2023

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