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I burned it down to nothing
Just so I could see
Who would be left standing
Right there next to me
When all the smoke had cleared
And the embers turned to ash, 
Who would be there next to me
And who'd run to save their ass...
It wasn't much of a surprise
In fact, I saw it coming
Long before I fueled the flames
That sent those bastards running.. 
Not many people have the strength
To face this life alone
But I'm not like any other
And I do better on my own.. 
So don't think you can scare me
Ive always lived fifty steps ahead, 
I have since I was just a child
And had to hide from my abuser.. 
But yet here I am, still standing
In the midst of all this debris.. 
And I'll rebuild something better all
Without you next to me... 


  • May 19, 2023

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