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When it's to much to intense you flash this screen to your own weird defense , in one second content is lost and I'm left confused . What is that anyway ? Maybe today you will leave it be and let me finish this mental fuck . Leave it be and maybe you will see that this is the real me , this keyboard sucks for such a phone nobody can hardly afford.  Hand held arthritis device isn't that nice , just go put your hand on ice , you will feel better and be careful typing each letter , go to your room get your pipe and smoke till you choke , that shit is cut with deadly substance the devils own dance and yet we still take the chance , this drug that we romance , I know I'm not right I know I'm quite the site , you wonder why I hate the light and only awake and seen at night , i lost my mind long ago , don't know who I am  or where to go. Just kinda coping wondering in a haze through countless uncounted days never changing direction or ways , smoke from my pipe nobody alive was ever my type , she was at one time my kind but with passin days,  months, years the difference put us out and sent the insecurity and doubt but I'm on a fatal trip a forbidden route , this only ends in death , somebody trying to kill me come hang out and see . That's enough for now I think ..


  • May 18, 2023

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