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To my dear Economics teachers, You have shown us the power of numbers, How they can impact the world around us, And how the economy, in turn, can make us all prosper.

In your lectures, you've drawn the picture clear, Of how supply and demand affect us all, How markets falls and rise with fear and cheer, And how money moves study of it can be a game-changer.

You've opened our eyes to global economies, To understand the trade, the value, and the need, And how every decision affects the future, And how we can learn to navigate and lead.

Through your lessons and inspiring lectures, You've taught us how to analyze and reason, To think critically about market forces, And assess the impact of each season.

You've shown us that Economics is more than just numbers .That it's a tool for positive change and social good, And that we, as students, have the power to make a difference, To make the world a better place and understood.

So here's to my dear Economics teacher, For sharing your knowledge and passion with us, For inspiring us to think bigger and deeper, And for shaping our minds to think outside the box.

We'll carry your lessons well into the future, And use them to create a brighter tomorrow, Thank you for being an inspiration, And for filling our world with hope and light to follow.


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    May 28, 2023

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