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I told you when we met that I was different from all the others.
Now you know exactly what I meant.
I’m not trying to be difficult, unique or challenging, far from it.
I’m just me..and that’s too much for some people.
That’s their loss.
Some call me a handful, stubborn or hard to love, but that’s just because they’re not up to the task.
I’ll never tell you that i don’t have my challenges and baggage, because everyone does.
I own who I am and where I’ve been, and those unique imperfections and chaotic beautiful things about me..
Those are just part of my package.
My scars tell my story and it’s a tale of courage and charisma, failure and flight, but most of all, it’s about love.
A real and authentic love for myself and my people, loyal and beautiful every day.
I live my life unapologetically and bravely, unafraid to take chances and stand out from the crowd.
I’ve had my heart broken like so many others have, but I never dwelled on what went wrong or why it didn’t work.
I just learned from every mistake and evolved from each failed relationship.
No, I’m not easy to love and I realize that I’m a complete mess some days.
I cry suddenly for no reason and I snort at bad jokes, but we both know that’s charming.
Sure, my hair can be a disaster sometimes.

 I sometimes forget what I’m doing while I’m doing it..but I just chalk that up to my beautiful quirks.

I’m not going to ask or beg you to love me, but if you think you have what it takes, then step up, speak up, and let’s go get lost in some adventure.

I’m not for the faint of heart and I’ll never be your “maybe” girl,
You’re either all in with me or I’m out.
I don’t believe in halfway love and I’m never going to accept anything less than what I deserve..which is your best.
So, I’m putting out there exactly who I am and what I want..

I’m beautiful in the ways that matter and I’m passionately loving all the time.
I’m deep, I’m soulful and I’m the wild rose you always wanted to find and love..
The question is..
I know you love my beauty,
But can you handle my thorns? 


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