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Happy Mother’s Day to all y'all mothers out there..
I hope your day is awesome. 

You were there every step of the way, guiding, pushing and loving me.
There were so many times I messed up, made mistakes and couldn’t figure out where I was going..
But you were always there, without judgement, to support me along the way.
Now that I’m older, I realize that you had my back whenever I needed you.
You never ceased to amaze me, mama, with how you could turn the impossible into just one more thing we could overcome.
So when I think of you now, my heart is full knowing I couldn’t have asked for a better mom, whose enormous heart and unending love made me feel like I could do anything.
Even on the days when I couldn’t get anything right, you were there, just smiling, hugging and loving me.
I don’t know what I did to deserve such an amazing mother like you, but I’m just so grateful for you, even though I can't tell you anymore you should know You’re the best person Ive ever known and you always seemed to  know what to do and exactly how to do it..
And it just leaves me speechless sometimes.

So mama even though your gone I'ma let the world know on this special day that we celebrate mothers everywhere, know that I’m just thankful for the beautiful soul I got to call “mama" even though it was for such a short time.. 
You were loved By me and all the other people in this world you’ve touched.
So, now, when someone asks me about you, all I say is this: That’s my mama. 
She was my first friend,  my best friend and was always there through everything.
Everything I am, I owe to her.
Thanks just for being you, mama
Thanks for showing me what a woman should be.
I miss you so much. 
I love you.


  • May 14, 2023

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