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A woman is a super human deep within, her greatest superpower is the bringer of life, if only a man would make her his wife 
The pain she'll endure would keep her up at night, by her child she'll try to do right. 
Her strength will be tested during child's birth, for a gift from heaven was gifted to earth. 
Though some pregnancy may be unplanned, she'll be filled with joy with baby in hand.
Another power of hers is raising her child or children on her own, through the pain she'll find joy knowing she's not alone.
No two woman's journey into motherhood is ever the same, a special bond will be made the moment she gave her baby it's name. 
Raising a child or children is never easy but hard, if there's ever a reward given to mothers, it should be the greatest superhero's award.
Regardless of the role in a child's life a woman may play.
To show love, respect and appreciation a day was dedicated to them all, every woman is special but she's extra special on the day that's celebrated each year, call Mother's Day.


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    May 14, 2023

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