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Self-respect, a treasure true, Valued more than any jewel or hue, A priceless gift we give ourselves, That keeps us strong in times of turmoil and delves.

It's the backbone of our character, A shield against deceit and slander, A way to stand tall and proud, Even when the world pulls us down.

It's not just about how we dress or speak, But it encompasses all we do and seek, It's about loving, valuing, and honoring oneself, And living with integrity, grace, and wealth.

It means setting boundaries where needed, And saying no when something feels unheeded, It's about walking away from toxic ties, And looking after our own wellbeing and our ties.

It's the voice within that tells us we're worthy, And no one can ever take that away from thee, It's recognizing that we deserve better, And moving towards our dreams with zest and power.

Self-respect, a precious virtue indeed, That inspires confidence and resilience in deeds, It's the key to living a life full of love, With a heart that beats happy and above.


  • May 13, 2023

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