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To the world, she is just a mother, But to us, she means much more, Her love and care are like no other, A precious gem that we adore.

She gives her all without complaint, To make sure we have all we need, Her sacrifices remain quaint, In a world that values greed.

She's the sunshine in our darkest days, The hope that glimmers in our way, Her presence in our lives always stays, Guiding us through every fray.

She's the first smile we ever see, The first word we ever hear, Her love is our foundation, our key, The source of our strength and cheer.

On this day, we honor her grace, And celebrate her selfless love, For all that she does for our race, She's a blessing from above.

So here's to you, dear mother, Our rock, our guide, our heart, We love you more than any other, Forever and always, never to depart.
                             ~ Anisha Bhuzil~


  • May 13, 2023

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    May 18, 2023

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