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I know it's getting bad again
When I don't want to be here
And all the things that could've been
Are saying, baby, disappear.. 
Like a ghost trapped in the night
That nobody can see
Dying for a little light
In all this misery.. 
I think of all that I've survived
It makes me wonder why
I struggle just to stay alive
When I just want to die. 
Finally leave this wretched Earth
That has no place for me.. 
Since the first day of my birth
There's been no place to be.. 
But my soul was made to fight
Fighting is all I've got to give.. 
Someday, perhaps I'll get it right
And find a way to live
At peace with all I have inside
And everything I've lost.. 
Till then I'll fight this turning tide
I've already paid the cost
So there's no point in giving up.. 
The price was much too dear
I hear my Goddess whisper, "stop.
You're still needed, here."
That I was sent to write, and talk
And I can't do that dead.. 
Even as I write these words
Some things just don't seem real
I've been blessed, and I've been cursed
With all this shit that I feel. 


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