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I knew what I had to do, but it didn’t mean the choice would hurt any less knowing that.
I had to let you go, because after all we have been through, I grew to realize that we weren’t meant for forever.
The fights, the hurtful words and things you’ve said and done weren’t the actions of someone that I could ever see myself spending my life with.
That doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt, because I know that part of me will always love you..yet,in spite of everything, my heart isn’t ready to let you go, even though I know I must.
I’ve been fighting for us for so long that I just can’t anymore- especially since you don’t want to fight with me.
It’s time for me to take my joy and find my own happiness again, because somewhere along the way I lost it in us.
Part of me thinks that’s the way you wanted it- for me to depend so completely on you for everything…so that no matter how badly you treated me, I’d never leave you.
I’m stronger than that..I just let my heart do the thinking for longer than I should..
But now, I’m resolute that my only path forward is alone..
It’s what I need to reawaken the parts of me that you lulled to sleep.
The only way I’ll ever truly be happy is to love and accept myself the way I’ve always deserved..
And it’s become painfully obvious that you’ll never do the same.
You’d prefer to manipulate and control me, not love me as I am and could be..
I don’t know if you ever really loved me for who I was, the more I think about it.
So, as I let you go, know that you’ll always be special to me, but some people belong in your heart, not your life.
I’m losing you so that I can find me again.
It’s scary, it hurts, but I know that some day in my future, I’ll look back and realize it was the best thing I ever did.


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    May 11, 2023

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