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I've had diamonds and roses
But extravagance isn't love.. 
No matter how you say it
It's just diamonds in the rough.. 
And the rough is what's important
The rough is what's for real
When worlds fall down around you
Exposing all you feel
That diamond might be pretty
But flash is all it is
When the rubber meets the road
And you're blinded by the mist.. 
I've had unicorns and rainbows
From Dollar Store machines
That meant more than any diamond
Could ever really mean. 
Both sides of the spectrum 
In my life, I've lived them all
I sit here, now, in silence
With no one I can call. 
My own, when it's all over
When my final breath is gone
When my spirit leaves this world
My body dies alone.. 
I see it all so clearly
The future and the past
It breaks me every day to know
There's years I've left to last
I can't go till it's over
But I look forward to the day
My unicorns and rainbows
Will take me far away
Back to that place I know so well
Where everything is love
And lonely has no meaning
And everything is one
Until then, I'll remember
At least I had the chance
To learn what's most important
Before I leave this last dance. 


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