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Will my life ever have a meaning again
When I fear the worst for that
And I feel like it all my fault
Maybe I didn't try hard enough

I can't accept that a life has been gone out
I don't know of its true but I fear it
A lot a lot a lot and I'm scared
To feel or to think anything

I hope they r alright 
Maybe they have quit social media
So they can get rest from everything 
But the scary feeling remains and there's still fear

I can't accept the fact that they go away
Just bcs they have been mistreated
I can't accept the fact that maybe
I had a chance to try harder but I didn't 

No one deserves to die bcs of that
And bcs of things that r not their fault 
No one deserves to think they r worthless
As if they deserve the hell they've got


  • May 10, 2023

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