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I know you hate the idea that Us people grew up from Monkeys. Recently, I found an elementary level kid in the house with an old hardcover library book and got curious. 

The book claimed that people evolved from Fish. Quite obnoxious. I later googled fish face, to help me dismiss the idea that I am related to a fish. I don't want to say that we look like like Fish : But for sure some fish look sooo like US !

I then searched Upright Walkers; This left me thinking that birds are more evolved than man. They can swim, walk on twos, have beautiful clothes that renew themselves, and they can fly like angels to boot. I too realized that they are cuter than humans. I don't want to Imagine grown up man or woman walking naked on the streets like a majestic ostrich in the bush.

What Makes humans feel so proud and special than the rest of the world?  Guess it is just like ... "what makes a MAN feel more superior than a WOMAN"_ Plain Vanity OR some ''Us Vs Them'' Syndrome.
Live and let others live... 
Eat others, since you must survive (and they are eating others too), but don't justify your acts, saying that all things were created by God for you. Otherwise, mosquitoes too can claim that humans were specially created, skin soft, for them to suck blood at will.  
All living beings somehow carry the image of God, and his breath of life. It is a simple and natural food chain. !  
 ... If nothing eats you soon
you will surely be eaten later by the EARTH
Just like the earth will be eaten by the SUN one day.  And the sun's day will also come and something bigger will eat it. A BLACK HOLE, that will too be eaten by something else that we don't know yet.

Only GOD is on top of it all:
The Alpha and Omega -- 
The START and The END. 



  • May 08, 2023

  • Murith Joe

    Murith Joe

    thanks a lot my ghostly poetic friend. 🙏

    May 11, 2023

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