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Why would you want to get rid of me?
Yet,I'm no more than just a little baby

On that fateful night,from love I was formed in your womb?
And as days went by,I continued to bloom,
From the inside,a good life was all I aspired to have once I came out,
To get a clear view of my Mama's face,was all I could think about,
Who knew that all this would just remain to be wishes,
Cause even me getting a glimpse of the earth,I had no chances,

I at times try to ignore that you were the cause of the tragedy that befell me,
Due to the pills that you took, just to get rid of me,
However I don't want to declare you guilty, just because of the decision that you decided to take,
Cause maybe to you,I was the worst mistake,

If only you gave me a chance to make you proud mom,
If only you gave me a chance,then a member of your family I would have become,
If only you would have listened to my cry from the inside and changed your mind,
Then maybe till this day,I would have still been around

Wrong was I to think that part of your life I would be,
Cause even no chance did we get to make any memory,
I was no more than just a little innocent creature,
Who wanted to explore life's adventure,

Why did you get rid of me?
Yet I was no more than just an innocent baby.

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    May 08, 2023

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