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Tell me why I’m dying to see her

It sucks for this unrequited love to be her 

All I do day and night is think about her, tell me how do I stop this emotions that are not reaching her 

How do I stop I ask my self

But every time I see her 

I can’t contain my self 

Everything about her.

Her smile, her eyes

Her lips, her hair, her style 

Makes you wonder what a guy have to do to get her attention 

I guess I’m not that lucky

I’ll be departing from this love station 

It sucks because I don’t want to give up

But I talked to her and she doesn’t feel it at all

I don’t want to move on

I don’t want to forget

Everything I wish is to see her again 

Bro I don’t want to admit it 

But I’m in love with her

My heart is aching 

I’m just a little hurt 

It’s time to move on

I wish you happiness 

My unrequited love.


  • TheGhostlyPoet .

    TheGhostlyPoet .

    It's blank on my end, your last few posts are all blank.

    May 05, 2023

  • J N

    J N

    Do you know how can I fix it?

    May 05, 2023

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