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I’ve been trying to put into words on how I feel

Every time I see you my heart beats fast without fear

I remember seeing her walking down the Aisle, it was as if she was stopping time it self 

she was cute and my eyes followed her until she was out of my view

As I was busy working with no one around I heard a voice and I turned around 

as I looked back my heart froze and there she was the woman who time itself have slowed 

Beautiful, funny and kind as we we’re working together her presence was all over my mind 

I’ve dreamt about her a few times, I live in my dreams what in the days I think 

She went back to school, it was months before I could see her again 

one day as I’m walking I saw her from a far as she shouted out my name

Something came over me Not knowing what to do the woman who I’ve been thinking about for month came back

I turned around and didn’t look back 

Happiness, excitement, nervousness all kinds of emotions were taking over my mind 

I missed her so much she is one of a kind 

It’s been almost year since then

I want to touch her hand, grab her hips, slowly going up to her face, kiss her lips

Kissing her is not all think but is close to it

It’s a shame she doesn’t feel the same way about me or close to it 

It took me about a few hours to put this into words 

I miss her I’ll see her soon

-my thoughts


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