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It's happen we meet again since the day we went separates ways  and we spend alot of years like we have never met before bt out of blues we came into contact again and we became friends and I enjoy your company 

When I flashback to know more about you when you were you I normally laugh and ask myself is it easy for samone to change so easily or you just hide ur dreams of becoming a priest and we don't know anyway it's Samthing personal

Your such  loving and caring though sometimes you pretend not to care but inside ur heart you care alot and sometimes your eyes also betrays you coz if you do something weird because of ur ego  but your eyes will shows the real you

A person of laughter who normally needs to see if people feels jealousy if  he is with other people apart from them
I enjoy ur company n thanks for coming back again in my life❤️
                 Written by Lizzy Leja


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