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Dedicated to Darky Darkeens on her birthday          

This was the day the universe was bless  with a humble and beautiful  soul
Your such a supercool,social,caring and lovable being on the universe, samone who will have you is bless abundantly 

When I met you my heart melted not because of worries it's because of happiness  that was filled inside my heart
Though you gat the ego samtyms but not on  everyone  ur such a humble and I love that

I believe that this day is celebrated by most of the people including ur families ,friends  and others because of you they smile and let that smile remain in their heart darling

May this day bring joy and happiness to your love ones like the time you were born n everyone was asking your gender n when the doctor say that you are a baby gal everyone who was near shouts with joy.

Wish you happy start of new count of a year may you blow thousand candles  ahead baby gal  my soul y 🙏🙏🙏

                                            Written by Lizzy Lija


  • May 05, 2023

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