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Slowly she takes her steps,as her feet lead her through the way,                                                          
As the night begins to mature,the moon gradually takes control of the sky,as the clouds smoothly drift away,                                                                  From a far,the raging howls of the wolves can be heard as the bats move through the air,                    A cold night it is that she's forced to embrace her shawl as she disappears in the bush while flipping her hair,                                                                             

Curiosity takes the better part of her,as she spots a red gem on the tree,                                                 
She majestically moves towards it and is overpowered by the dazzling light that accosts her face pointing out her gentle smile,                      Slowly she paves her hands through the leaves, trying to get hold of the desires of her heart;the gem                                                               
She eventually gets hold of it, however,it's not a gem as she thought,it's a fruit that warmly accepts her touch by letting it's juice flow freely on her long arms

 Enticed she is by the dazzling fruit while holding it tight
And without thinking twice,she softly takes a bite She is overwhelmed by it's taste and fails to recognize it's forbidden,clearly stated on the tree that is bent
Her soft skin changes as her arms and limbs disappear, landing thunderously on the ground,she realizes she's a serpent

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