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I know you thought you were in love with me, but we’ve both now realized that there’s a big difference between fantasy and reality.
All the wishes and desire in the world can’t make two people fall in love if it’s not real.
And as much as that tears my heart into pieces, we can’t ignore the truth.
We both wanted this to be the fairy tale, but it’s something very different..
You loved the idea of me and what I represented, but the reality of who I am wasn’t something you were prepared for.
You said I was too much or a handful, but I’m just me..no more and no less.
I’m real, I’m authentic and I’m always going to speak my mind.
I don’t believe in taking a back seat or being silenced.
Love is about equality, respect and the courage to love someone unconditionally..
I’ll never fault you for not knowing exactly what you wanted, but I’m not going to accept your reality of what I should be.
I’m bold, I’m beautiful and I’m unique in the ways that matter to me.
Sure, I’m a mess some days and a complete disaster on others, but I always own who I am and my shortcomings..
But I’m more than just what I’m not.
I’m strong, I’m vibrant and I know what I want, who I am and what I deserve.
Truthfully, you realize now what you need in a partner, because I’ll never be that person,
And that’s okay.
So, I don’t harbor any bad feelings as we go our separate ways and I will always wish you the best.
We tried to love each other and sometimes, love just isn’t enough.
We fought for what we thought we wanted and in the end, we knew what we had wasn’t the fairy tale we had hoped for.
I’ll always care about you and hope you find what you’re looking for,
But I’m glad we discovered our truth before we hurt each other worse in the process.
So, as I walk away, know that I’ll think of you from time to time and I’ll smile.
That’s what I’ll remember about us, the good times and happiness.
Next time, I’ll love even harder when there’s love to be had.
Thank you for loving me in your way and letting me go like you did.
You’ll always be special to me. 


  • May 03, 2023

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