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Making decisions you don't come back from
On a night when no one cares.. 
Staring through the darkness
To find nobody's there.. 
Takes a strength so few are made of
In this world of broken cries . 
Where everything is nothing
And every "truth" is just more lies... 
There's escaping and there's running
Sometimes they aren't the same
When the bottom just keeps coming
And even love is just a game... 
I'll show you what I'm made of
I told you once before
When my words are made of silence
You'll understand the war.. 
I've made my decision
And I didn't even cry.. 
You're nothing now but pieces
Of a lost and broken past... 
And you might think you've won
But I'll be standing last... 
While your karma just keeps coming
Gringing you into dust.. 
You made your decisions
Where love is just a figment
That never can exist.. 
I've made my decision
I hope you learn your lesson
Before you take your final breath.. 
The path you chose is one of endings
And no one escapes the wrath
Of karma. in the end 
She'll settle all her scores.
this path you've chosen
She'll show you less is never more.. 
I'm on my way to better things
While you're destined to be lost
In a sea of no one cares... 
You'll pay the final cost
You tried to lay upon me.. 
Trust karma knows the difference
And I'ma  enjoy the crow she'll serve.


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