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It was a very sunny day. In a mood of gardening I wished to plant an apple tree. I searched everywhere but could not fetch an apple seed. Then I smelled ripped apples near me. I turned around to find a huge tree loaded with mouth watering apples. It then occured to me “ I can take an apple, eat it, and obtain seeds from there.” 
So I proceeded and somehow managed to pluck an apple. It looked delicious and tempting. The red colour of it was such that i just couldn’t resist staring at it. It was different of all kind and uniquely beautiful. “How can I cut an apple with such dazzling beauty” I wondered. But I brought myself together and with my pocket knife cut the apple with delicacy as if it could feel pain. With delicate hands I picked a piece of it and left it in my mouth. “OH MY GOODNESS!! Is this really an apple!? I have never in my life tasted an apple this sweet and addicting!” And I forgot everything about gardening, about the seeds and was forever lost in its flavour.
*** THE END ***


  • the ending 👍🏾

    Apr 30, 2023

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