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An unquenchable polydipsia;
For the fathomless depths my soul holds.
I open the door atop;
I lean in, then I stare...

Ropes, so many, dangling;
I look up, I can't see if they're secure.
I step back a pace, my heart starts to race;
Then I lunge into my step and leap, grabbing one close.

Memories start flooding;
This rope has the happiness, all the loves I clung to.
One is of a time with her, my first best friend.
Another glimpse in is another her, singing her fear in song.

I jump to another rope;
This one's memories, are blacked out...
The rope snaps;
Then I fall, flailing my hands forward to grab another.

Here, just one hand touched this one;
My soul said this is what you want.
Face the pain and fear;
Climb back up, and learn from what you've peered. 



  • intriguing.

    Apr 26, 2023

  • Amazing words! Love your work.

    May 15, 2023

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