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Memorabilia is anything that is kept for its historical value, especially when it is connected to notable individuals or occasions. These might have been inherited or acquired when you set out to buy ww2 memorabilia.

Items that are kept in honor of the person who gave them or who first owned them are called keepsakes.Not all memorabilia and keepsakes are considered equal.

Here are some things to consider before you start organizing your memorabilia collection if it has gotten out of hand and you'reunsure how to do it.

What is it that motivates you to keep this collection of ww2 memorabilia?

•	Reduce your living space before moving to a new place?
•	Allocate space for other things in your residence?
•	Streamline your way of life now?
•	Assist your family in managing your belongings after your death?
•	Earn money by reselling things you don'twish to keep anymore?
•	Do you tell your family about the memories?
•	Create a legacy for your future generations?
•	Since when did you last handle your war memorabilia?
•	How huge a room do your collectibles take up?
•	Are you facing problems in locating what you wish to view, share, or use? 

No need to hurry. Unless, you are downsizing to relocate. Alternately, you may be putting things in order and conducting estate planning. Or you wish to give the items to your family as soon as possible.

Why do you keep it?

For every item you come across, you will keep asking yourself the same question. Just focus on quantity and caliber of your war memorabilia for the time being, though. As always, think about the following: How much energy,time, money, and space, does your clutter cost you?

Are you retaining it?
We consider memories to be priceless, irreplaceable, dear to our heart, as well as challenging to let go of. But not every possession we have or the items loved ones leave behind are priceless or significant.

If you're worried about upsetting a relative by giving away something you received from your family, see if they're interested. Or dispose of it clandestinely. The people who you received these pieces of memorabilia from would only wish you feel joyful and remember them happily rather than live with guilty feelings or be burdened by their memories or belongings. They would not want you to suffer due to their memories or for your house to be messy, unsettling, or unlivable.


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