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Born and raised in two very different worlds has been my forever incarceration. Both were lier's, both selfish, both prideful, both doomed from the beginning. One was meant for good, the other for evil. They very well knew the existence of the other but till this day deny each other. It's taken me decades to come to reality that they both have failed me, and I guess now it's time for me to put them both in their place. I have to somehow take a stand for me, I have to somehow look them both in their eyes and speak my truth and give them a piece of my mind and not the good one. It's time for me to take full control of my life my way. Live for me and not them. It's time for me to say fuck you both,time for me to be strong and not give a damn what either one of them has to say!         I can do this, I know I can! Ran away so many times, tried to get away from both,took me this long to realize that it's me, I'm the one stopping me from being who I am meant to be, it's me allowing them to run my life, it's me being exactly who they wanted me to be, me thinking that for me to be the best of me that I have to be something I truly am not. I'm not good, I'm not evil, simply just being what good and evil raised me to be. An image of them that does not exist... Tired of the two face actions that each world has taken. Y'all teach and preach but never, ever live by your own teaching and preachings. Still waiting for the day that one of these worlds admits to their wrong doings... Tbc! Got emotional and I hate that, but will finish this hopefully soon. All or any feedbacks welcomed 


  • Ellen Munhemera

    Ellen Munhemera

    amazing poem

    Apr 24, 2023

  • Apr 24, 2023

  • This delivered a very strong message that everyone needs to become aware of. You're a great writer 💛

    Jul 21, 2023

  • .

    Dec 11, 2023

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