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An unbreakable bond I hope we can share, I'd love nothing more than to show you how much I care. 
For your appreciation girl here's a token, in the shadows is where my fears be lurking.
Emotionally scarred from my past, I now protect my heart because none my relationships never last.
Change for me is inevitable, I've made my fair share of mistakes that are irreversible.
I'm now cautious with my time for I've wasted so many, friends are limited sometimes it's like I don't have any.
I loved a girl who had eyes for another, had I tried harder I would have been her lover.
Anxiety and paranoia have greatly affected me, now it's preventing any sort of growth I'm hoping to see.
Through out mylife everything has caused me to worry, I'm now trying to give new meaning to the latest chapter of my story.


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    Apr 23, 2023

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    Apr 23, 2023

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