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Lord, I don't know why I crave love so much for you are the essence and character of my heart,
Though the world hates me;
And I feel all alone I still crave love not of myself but for people.
My mind might have thorns,
Anxiety trucks my bones.
My wounds all seek to you.
Though they may persecute me with their words and strike me down.
Lord, your Spirit never forsakes
Even though I run from you, please pursue my way,
Even if I leave you,
Never stop chasing me.
I love your chase,
I feel wanted by you.
But please show me attention where there's no love i can find on my own.

"My people I crave LOVE from,
They don't pursue me."
"My people I chase, but they don't chase me "

"For I sit alone, they place other gods before me."

"CEASE FROM ME FOR ALL THESE 'manifestations ye practicers of INIQUITY
I WILL KILL you With the guns day and night, ye are not my children unless ye turn your heart's to me FOR I LOVE YE SO Much

"And desire thee not pain."
"Please stay away from my wrath
And ye all will be forever loved for i have loved thee from the beginning for I am your source."


"My heart is aching, for my church,
I am closing these chapters, so the world could see 'I AM' the Lord their Christ." 💔


  • Apr 23, 2023

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