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Once there was a boy named Dan was always the oldest child at every party. Dan enjoyed being the oldest, he got to do more tasks at family events. Dan got to go outside without an adult and he got more money than anyone else. Dan enjoyed being the oldest. One day a girl named daisy started to go to the family parties. Daisy was 3 years older than Dan, daisy got more money and could go outside alone, but now Dan had to sit the kids table while daisy took his spot at the adult's table. Dan did not like that. Not one bit. A while later it was Dan's little brothers six birthday party. Every year Dan got to put all the candles in the cake and bring out the cake and he would also grab all the wrapping paper off the floor. This year daisy was there, instead of Dan placing in all the candles this time daisy got to. Dan went over to go grab the cake to bring it out but daisy had already taken it. Dan was so angry that he tried to trip daisy by kicking her leg, he missed and got sent to time out instead. After cake was gift opening. He went to go get the trash bag but daisy had beat him to it. Dan was even more angry he saw a lighter on the table and got an idea. He took it when nobody was looking. He put the lighter in his pocket. He walked over to daisy and held the lighter in his hands and lit her hair on fire. Daisy let out a loud scream then fainted. Dan got in time out and after he got grounded. When daisy woke up half her hair was burnt off, she started crying and an outside behind a tree. Dan felt a little bad. After he got out of time out his mother made him go say sorry. He sighed and went out side. When he saw daisy he walked over and daisy told him to go away. Daisy mumbled "I hate being the oldest, I didn't even wanna come here but my mom made me" dan felt bad. "I'm sorry, I just lost control of myself. I always loved to be the oldest" Dan told Daisy. Dan had a tear on his cheek. They had an idea, they told there parents and Dan got to act like he's the oldest he would sit at the adults table they both got equal money, Dan was happy and daisy was happy. 


  • Apr 22, 2023

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