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When we met, you knew what kind of person I was..I was clear about my intentions.
I don’t play games nor tolerate players or liars..I leave that amusement for those chasing shallow feelings and lackluster dreams.
First no relationship we agreed but then I fell and
I told you that I needed more, I craved that life with you and I deserve the best.
If you’re not willing to step up and have a mature relationship, then now is the time to set the record straight.
I’m not settling for being an option, and I’m never going to be your “maybe.”
If you don’t know what you want or if you have to stop and think, then I’m not the one for you.
I play for keeps and I wear my heart on my sleeve- anything less than soul stirring, heart sparking passion doesn’t interest me..
I’ve kissed enough frogs to know that I’m holding out for the one who can make me feel like nothing I’ve ever known.
Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I want the kisses that bring them butterflies, that touch that gives me chills, the look that burns into my very soul.
I don’t know if you’re up to the task and can handle my heat, but if you’re not willing to face the fire of my passion, then let’s just part ways now.
I’m nit going to chase you ever again, beg for your attention or be anything less than a priority.
I realize that you may think I’m a handful, too much or demanding, but I know my worth..
I’m showing you who I am and you’ll always know where you stand with me..
So, I’m fiery, I’m strong willed and I’m one of a kind, and if you didn’t know that by now, start paying attention.
I’m not waiting around for you to figure it out, think about things or play the field, love isn’t a competition and I’m not a prize for your possession.
I’m real, I’m authentic and you’ll never meet another person like me.
Maybe you’re not ready, maybe you’re working things out or just don’t know what you want..and I’m good with that, everyone has their own path..
Just don’t expect me to be waiting for you at the end of the road, hoping you’ll let me love you.
But this is who I am and how I feel, take it or leave it.
Are you stepping up to try to win my heart or walking away?
I don’t need to be fixed or saved, I just want to be loved..just as I am.
I deserve that,
Now and always.
Stand by me while I save myself. 


  • Apr 12, 2023

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