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For everything she’s been through and every failure she’s overcome, she keeps smiling and keeps fighting.
She doesn’t know any other way and wasnt given a choice either way. 
Her journey has often forced her to her knees and made her find her strength in ways she never thought possible.
She never had help or opportunities- she created her own chances and built her own path.
Life has tried to take everything from her mutiple times. That taught her to expect nothing less than hard days and challenges, every damn day.
But that’s just the beautiful thing about this woman who fought to become the person she is today-
She never asked why or stayed down.
She has clawed and dug her way out of every pitfall & each dark place until she found her way back to the light.
She’ll tell you that there were many times she wanted to quit and didn’t think she’d make it..
But every time, she did.
Every time.
Each time she got stronger.
It seemed she made magic out of her mayhem.
She’ll never tell you that she’s anything special or amazing, she doesn’t think like that at all. 
But what she will tell you with steel inflected in her voice and a hardened stare..
She will tell you that she’s a survivor.
She’ll always fight and struggle but she will always come out on top.
That’s just who she is now and the iron spirit she’s battled to become.
So when you meet this unassuming woman with a heart of gold and an unstoppable courage, just stop and take note.
You’ve just crossed paths with one of the most beautiful things you’ll ever see in this life:
A remarkable and strong woman…
And for everything she is and everything she has become,
Just appreciate her.
She’s paid a price you’ll never know or understand…
And you don’t have to.
She did it…because that’s just who she is:
Strong, proud and unstoppable.
She is a survivor. 


  • Apr 12, 2023

  • I am a survivor is of my life.

    Apr 13, 2023

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