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Addiction, a merciless beast
A demon that never seems to cease
A craving that takes over the mind
And leaves nothing but destruction behindAt first, a fleeting rush of pleasure
But soon it becomes an endless treasure
One that can never quite be sated
A hunger that must always be abated

It starts with just one little taste
But soon it becomes an all-consuming waste
Of time, of health, of sanity
Everything consumed by this calamity

The world becomes a blur
As addiction continues to purr
A constant itch that cannot be scratched
An unyielding desire that cannot be patched

For those caught in its grip
Addiction is a relentless trip
A journey without end or relief
A weight that crushes all belief

But there is hope, and a way to break free
From addiction's all-consuming spree
With strength, support, and a will to heal
A life that's been shattered can start to feel real


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