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I'm walking standing on the porch watching the rain and lighting.



Thunder crash through the soft sound of the rain hitting the grass.



I giggle to myself and stick my leg in the rain. Three... The three seconds between the thunder and lightning.

"It came sudden like the wind. Our 3 second kiss" I sing to myself.


I scream with the thunder.

I giggle and look at my phone. I see a notification from him. I read the message and feel myself blush. I think of a response and decide to let him wait.

1,2,3..."Bang" I whisper to the thunder boom.

"Are you being safe, beautiful?"

I don't respond. 

I place my phone on the porch and dance in the rain.


I raise my arms up and scream.


I'm laughing, dancing and singing..

"Like the rain drops, it suddenly came. Your laughter over the phone.."

I see my phone light up. He's calling.

I giggle and answer his call "Hey cutie. What's up, handsome?"

I hear him sigh and say "Are you ok? You haven't answered my texts.. You read them but didn't respond."

I start to count to him.

"1... 2... 3..." I pull the phone away from my face.

I scream with the thunder.

He laughs. I giggle.

"How's work going, cutie?" I hear him breathe in deep, I know he likes my giggle.

"It's boring. Miss you." I can hear him smile through the phone.

"Are you smiling?"



"Always when I'm talking to you." He sounds like he's trying to be quiet.

"Wanna hang out? I'm bored. I'm off tonight." I am sticking my arms out in the rain and giggling.

"You know what I always say, beautiful." He sounds sad, so I pay more attention.

"I know you work a lot, and like sleeping. You say you're happy and not depressed.. You know I'm here if you need to talk." He takes a deep breath.

"Yeah, my vanilla bean."

"Which branch you at today?" I giggle and hear him smile.

"Your branch." 

"That's it! You're going on lunch in about 20 minutes. I'm going to eat lunch with you." I hear him laugh.

"You sure you want everyone to see us together?" 

"I don't care. I'll kiss you if you want. You're the one that wants to hide. Let 'em watch. I have beer scented nipples." I laugh at my own joke.

"I don't like beer..." He says while laughing.

"So where do you want to meet? I gotta get shoes on. And probably a bra." I go inside the house and smile. 

"Green. Black and Wear a skirt." He whispers.

"Ok, handsome. Long skirt or short?" I'm looking in the closest.

"Long. No, short. No.. One that can cover your ass and my lap in case you sit on my lap." I hear his smile again. 

"Plaid or pleated?" 

"Black." He started whispering.

"I have a long black skirt. I have pink and red pleated. Grey pink plaid and red tartan. I could wear... How about I send pictures?" I'm overthinking again.


BOOM!!!! BOOM!!!

"Guess the angels had a double orgasm..." I giggle at my own joke again..

"Yeah.." He sounds distant.

"You nervous?" I ask.

"Yeah. Send pictures." He sounds off.

"Ok. I'll text you pictures." I hang up without saying goodbye.

His text pops up "Why do I want to kiss you every time we talk or I'm around you?"

I send pictures. "A-E. Pick one."

Few minutes later...

1, 2, 3...


"B. Red pleated. Black shirt. Wear knee socks. Hair down. Black glasses." He answered.

I get dressed and text him I'm heading to him.  I also text a few friends in the loop if this craziness we have.

"I'm going to work to eat lunch with him." 
Br:"You better kiss him! He's so nervous!"
C:"You better! I'll come there from California and smack him!"
Bi: "Don't do anything I wouldn't do." 
I send a selfie of my outfit.
They all respond "Go get him, huntress! Pounce like a lioness.'

"It came just like the rain. Our 3 second kiss. It came like the wind suddenly. Your laughter over the phone."
I sing along and drive faster than normal. 

"Where are you? I'm getting ready to walk in main lobby." I watch for the read notification.

"Meet you at the reg desk." He replies. 

I walk in and see his smile and hold his hand.

"Hey, handsome. Ready for your kiss?" I smile my evil smile.

He turns red and says "Follow.." 

We duck into a room and he pushes me against the wall and we kiss. 

Like the wind, it suddenly came
That 3 second, short kiss
Like the rain drops, it suddenly came
Your laugh over the phone

I pull him closer and keep kissing. "I'm wearing what you ordered, Handsome." I mutter between kisses. 

"Good, girl. Such a good girl." He growls. He seems to growl a lot when near me.

We keep kissing until we hear voices in the hallway. We're looking into each other's eyes and I see it. He knows I see it. He turns his face away from me.

"Do you?" I whispered in his ear.

"No, no feels." He whispers.

I know that look though. He has major feels. He doesn't want to get hurt. We both can get hurt. I rub his neck with my fingertips.

"My lips miss yours." I whisper and hear him growl.

He starts kissing me again and I start to giggle. He pulls away and looks confused. "Are you ok?" 

"Yeah. Listen, Handsome... The rain. It's picked up.. Storming now." I giggle and hug him tighter to me.


 He closes his eyes and kisses my neck. I let out a soft moan. 

We hear footsteps. We stop kissing and start talking about the computer in the room with us. We hear the door open and see his coworker giving us a look like he knows. I wink and smile. He turns red and the coworker nods his head.



  • Apr 12, 2023

  • Apr 12, 2023

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