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(My niece Alexandria) is Loosing control loosing hope battle field in my mind hard to cope my tears are drowning me my body weak phsicotic breakdown feels close is suicide an option I contemplate on were I belong my scares are fresh the pain won't end the abuse in words yes they hurt lost with no direction screaming inside for love but hate floods me instead is this life why can't I walk in my own shoes why do I feel all alone why do I feel I need to die.. I no that feeling is a lie but the pain grows relive trauma daily does any one care....we're do I go how can I do who am I were am I going am I ok.       .. Her pain and loss hurts me as her aunt so I put it in words to prey for you to be free for God to bless u in miracles bring piece and joy strength and wisdom grace and love... In Jesus name I prey amen love Heather Moran..........


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