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No one understands shit still,
The amount I have in my life...
Not the amounts I protected people,
Not the amounts I've been there for people ...
 What's the fucking point?
I'm sick of it,.Make them happy, make them happy,
But when the fuck is it going to matter about mine?

I'm sick from the underline,
You can't drink, be home by fucking 9
Like fuck I'm 34, do you even understand how far I am from the brink??

Fuck it though right,
Control my life,
Because you didn't get shit out your own,
So you think it's better for me to just fucking fail right??

Or is it the hypnosis y'all put me through, go off the rails?
I can't stand this shit anymore...
Y'all wanted a change, so here I fucking am
Finally fucking mad about everything...

Not a damn one understands shit,
Maybe Allie, but the rest can fuck off,
No one was fucking there, and all the shit I witnessed,
You fucknuts shoulda got me help... 

Yeah, my thoughts didn't matter,
Hypnosis, make him do this,
Y'all really don't realize how much I was still able to comprehend...

No one knew shit,
I kept it that way,
But right now, fuck the replay. 
Y'all on the payroll,
Wish I had the balls
To send my own shit to the labels...


  • Apr 11, 2023

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