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I look at who I used to be
Mu head lost in the sky
With no clue what was coming.. 
Not knowing That every light would die
Plunging me in darkness
So absolute it seemed
Like nothing could survive there.. 
It silenced every scream
As time passed she became
The one she had to be... 
If any of her would survive
She had to become me
I can't say I regret it
When it means I'm still here
I had to just keep going
I had to just not care... 
My give-a-fuck's not broken
My give-a-fuck's just GONE
It disappeared that fucked up year
Everything went wrong
When my Wonderland went quite insane
And death was everywhere... 
Don't judge me for my darkness
Or how I survived there.. t
You just hear the words 
You're not the one that bled.. 
You have no clue what I went through
Or how I should be dead.. 
maybe youshould just keep scrolling
If you don't like what you read.. 
Instead of playing god and being a judge
And Leaving words that no one needs to hear.. 
Worst has come before you
And best believe they're done
Cuz I'm the master of scathing words
And my give-a-fuck's just GONE... 


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    Apr 08, 2023

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