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I remember the first day I saw you
Ur lips dripped nectar and ur chest was broad 
Like an iron armour coated in gold
U came to me I shivered 
I couldn't believe my eyes and I had goosebumps all over me
I loved u from that minute up till today
I still remember ur scent everytime u hugged me 
When I was low you would hopd my hand and tell 
To hold on
Buh then u fell sick
I did all I could
Buh my love was not enough
My pillow still holds the screams that i made 
I saw a smile on ur mouth but i saw pain in ur eyes
My love my love 
I still wanna kiss u one more time
I still wanna tlk to u one more time
Alot of  feelings remained unsaid
But the end is never the end
I will always love u 
Rest in peace my perfect love.


  • Apr 06, 2023

  • nice

    Apr 06, 2023

  • Apr 06, 2023

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