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My dreams were full of those long gone
Ghosts throughout my life
Memories and melodies
And times when things were right
Waking up is now the nightmare
Reality the pain
When I know they're gone, again
It hits me like a train
Tell the ones you love, you love them
Don't leave the words unsaid
Everyone's on borrowed time
And we'll all end up dead
No minutes have been promised
No days, or weeks, or years
The hourglass is draining
Each second we're still here
Don't be afraid to say the words
Don't let fear hold you back
I promise you'll regret it
And you'll live with the lack
The pain inside is powerful
When you're standing all alone
Surrounded by so many graves
So many loved ones, gone
Reality's the nightmare
When fallen angels fly
And you're left with the emptiness
That comes with each goodbye.


  • Apr 04, 2023

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